In microstays, the business travellers will keep most of the customer base. Although it is new to the UAE, it was emerged and became popular in European countries. The Stayhopper was the first to introduce the hourly stay rooms in UAE. The Stayhopper microstays offers you residency in hotels of UAE for less than 24 hours of time. It starts from the least of 3 hours and it can extend to 6 hours or 12 hours. 


The need for short stays for customers will be much higher than a full day hotel stay. But the conventional type of hotel stays demanded full payment for the hourly stays in the hotels. We will definitely feel it is not worthy to pay the full day amount for staying few hours. Thus the need for the microstay hotel rooms arrived in UAE. The Stayhopper is introduced to the people of UAE by understanding this need of the customers.

Choosing a microstay room is now made easier with the Stayhopper microstay app. It provides full time customer support and excellent services. People using the Stayhopper microstays had a good time in UAE. This is the best way to take a break in your favorite hotel without paying for an overnight accommodation without staying. Now Stayhopper is the best microstay app in UAE.


Then came the need for the further flexibility for the customers. It was like; they need to choose their own time for staying. For microstays, flexible timing is required as it must be suitable for visitors in case of flight layovers or any such waiting. Understanding the customers, the Stayhopper microstays created the space for choosing their own check-in and check-out times. Thus became the best microstay in UAE.

The microstay hotels also allow the customers to enjoy all the hotel amenities if their hotels. All the offers and benefits they give to the full day customers are applicable to the microstay customers. The hotel amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, free Wi-Fi and everything they provide to the full day customers are given to the microstay customers. No extra charges are charging for these amenities from the hoteliers.


The hoteliers are benefited from the microstays along with their clients. The microstays are a way to increase the revenue of the hotels. It is actually an improved source of income. The hoteliers can sell a single room for more than once in a day. It can be two or more times in a day.

Giving host for more number of customers through the Stayhopper will increase the popularity of the hotels. Registering with Stayhoppers is made much easier. It is an option to get better exposure to the hoteliers.

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