The microstays can benefit the hoteliers along with their customers. The concept of micro stay is to provide hotel rooms on hourly basis. But it is more than just giving rooms for hours. The Stayhopper microstays are the first introduced micro stay app in UAE and it is providing best services to the customers. It will provide the opportunity for the hoteliers to earn more in a single day.


The hoteliers can be more convenient with the services of Stayhopper microstay. They can present and update about their hotels and its facilities through the Stayhopper. The hoteliers are getting better exposure for their hotels through the Stayhopper microstay app. This accounts for improving financially by selling a single room for more than once a day. This microstay concept will make your hotel known to many and the hotels can gain popularity.

It will be helpful for the needed customers during their searches for hourly stay hotel rooms in UAE. They can choose the hotel in a particular geographic location of their interest. The customers can also select hotel rooms based on their facilities, offers and charges. Allowing the customers to enjoy all the benefits of the hotels which they provide to the full day users made a trend in the tourism. This makes the customers more and more attracted to your hotel. Thus the Stayhopper is providing a convenient plot for both the customers and hoteliers.


The Stayhopper app gives 24 hours services to your customers. It is the best hourly stay hotel booking app in Dubai. This app is easy to use and will get quick responses, which made it more customer friendly. Due to this the Stayhopper has an increased number of customers in UAE. This will also provide the opportunity for the customers to extend their time of stay in the hotel while staying there. Thus the hoteliers can gain more with the Stayhopper’s outstanding services.

It gives the convenience of anytime hotel booking for few hours. Allowing you to choose your check-in and check-out time. This could be very much helpful to those travelers like business travelers who need only a few hours of stay. They can take rest or refresh with few hours by staying in a hotel room at less cost. The Stayhopper is the reason for bringing a favorable change from the conventional practices of hotel stays. This change is equally favorable for both hoteliers and customers. The revolution in the field made it the best hotel booking app in Dubai.

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