Over the years, there had a change in the way the business travelers conceive their trips. Thus there is also a change in the concept of hospitality that the customers required. This is the main reason behind the introduction of microstays in UAE by the Stayhoppers. The staying options must be transformed to a more sensory one without compromising on your experience in any way. We understand the need for short time stays for business purposes and also on leisure trips. The Stayhoppers consider all that are required for a perfect vacation merged experience for you.


The Stayhopper microstays have all that which is required for the travelers for a smart-stay. When you are in need of meeting a client in a major city and your requirement is for few hours, the micro stay helps. You don’t have to stay for few hours and pay for the whole day. The microstays are hourly based hotel stays which provides you a cost-effective solution for this when you want a short time to relax. This is a revolutionary change in the field of travel and tourism.

With the change in time, the requirements of the travelers also changed. Nowadays, the trend is customization takes up more priority and people want smart staying options. The customers choose to stay in hotels with more flexible options. The Stayhopper gives you opportunity to stay in hotel rooms in UAE for few hours and gives more flexible options to stay. The Stayhopper is giving best microstay services in UAE.


With the introduction of hourly based hotel rooms in Dubai, the people became more convenient during their travel to Dubai. Other than just staying for few hours in a hotel room, it has much more to offer its customers. The Stayhopper microstays aim at adding a better convenience with more customization. Hence became the best micro stay app in UAE.

The Stayhopper microstays give the opportunity to its customers to enjoy all the benefits of hotels like its swimming pool, indoor games and everything it has. There is also the flexibility to choose the check-in and check-out times. You can choose your time to stay in the hotel and it is possible to extend your time by staying in the hotel. The Stayhopper, the best microstay app in Dubai is yet planning to make the micro stays more and more flexible to the customers.

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