When you are on a travel, a business travel or a leisure travel we will always think of reducing the travel cost. This is almost a common thing in almost every people. The Stayhopper can help you to reduce the cost of hotel stays in UAE. But reducing the cost of hotel stays should be without reducing the comfort. Nobody will like to lose their comfort but they will choose to have to lesser costs on their travel and stay. The Stayhopper microstays are your best companion on a travel to UAE.


While you are on a travel to UAE, these tips will be useful for you. Plan your trip yourself; choose the booking and flying dates on those low fare days and search for incognito mode on your browser as some websites will change their rate for frequent travelers. The business schedules may change, so it is better to go for refundable tickets. Another way is save money by going local in your travel areas, as each place will have some local foods and will cost less than the restaurant foods. Choosing for micro stay hotel rooms can be a best idea to save money when you have to stay in hotels of UAE.


It will be wonderful if you are staying in a high-rated hotel at lesser price. This is made possible in UAE with the help of Stayhopper. The Stahopper offers hourly stay rooms in the best hotels of UAE. Here you have to pay only for the hours you stayed. Thus you can save a lot of money especially when you require only short stays.

The short stay hotels are available from the least of 3 hours and you can extend it to 6 hours or 12 hours. This will be a convenient option for business travelers and in case of flight layovers. This is a perfect option for people visiting UAE to have a fresh up. The Stayhopper has yet more favorable options to offer for the customers in the future.

The customers are free to choose their convenient timing for check-in and check-out. Other than the older practices of the hotels, it is your choice to select your time. The Stayhopper offers you more comfort and convenience at lesser prices. This is the best method for hotel stays in Dubai.

These are not just reducing the travel costs but also a great deal to enjoy the hotels in UAE. You can avail all the offers and enjoy all the amenities of the hotels at lesser prices. This is a favorable change from the conventional hotel practices. The Stayhopper is the first to introduce the hourly hotel rooms in UAE.

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