Business meets will usually have businessman or their personnel coming from different countries or areas. In case of business travels the visits will be short and requires luxurious facilities. This will actually become more complicated to the organizers, as it will expensive to give rooms for many of them. The Stayhopper has the excellent concept of providing hotel rooms for hours in UAE considering the needs of business travels. It is the best option you could choose when you have to stay in UAE for few hours.


The guests will be from different places and they will arrive for the business meets at different times. All of them require in common will be a comfortable stay or a place to freshen up themselves. They generally need only few hours to take rest and they leave the place soon after the meet gets over. The hotels providing microstay rooms will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the hotels. It will provide you all the offers they provide to the full day customers. All the hotel amenities like the swimming pool, indoor game area, gym, Wi-Fi, satellite TV and each and every other facility can be used by the customers who chose to stay in hourly based hotels in UAE.

For such kind of visits, flexible hotel timings will be better. Choosing a hotel which has fixed check-in and check-out times will be difficult for them as they have to pay a full day amount even if they had stayed only for few hours. Paying for only the hours you stayed will be a reliable option for travellers or for their sponsors. You can choose the best hotels in UAE with the Stayhoppers.


The Stayhopper provides full day services and the services are excellent enough to meet the clients requirements during hotel booking. The Stayhopper is one of the best microstay hotels booking app in UAE. With the Stayhopper the customers are able to select the hotels according their requirements within their budgets.

The Stayhopper allows its clients to select from thousands of micro stay hotels in UAE. It provides all the flexible options for the customers regarding their check-in and check-outs and how much hours they want to stay. It allows the hoteliers to list and update all the details and offers of their hotels. The Stayhopper is trying to give all the flexibility in hotel stays for both customers and hoteliers.

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